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Together with a little, we can do a lot

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Your support and contributions will enable you and thousands of donors to meet our monthly goals and improve the world one cause at a time. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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How The World Cares Organization Inc. Work?

  1. People Donate - Majority of non profit funds are raised using a subscription base on patreon and or paypal. Donors are charged monthly with a minimum of $1
  2. Donor Community Votes on Causes - Donors can vote monthly on the top 5 causes chosen by the board of directors for that month to be carried out the following month or throughout the year depending on the difficulties of the cause. 5 New causes will be voted on every new month. Some cause take more time to happen than others. Please keep that in mind
  3. Voted Causes Take Place - Once voting ends, the percentages of votes will represent the percentage of funds each cause receives. Example: 5 Causes will represent 100%, If we raise $10,000 and donors give a back 2 school event 60% of votes $6,000 will go towards that cause which will leave $4000 to the other causes with 40% votes left. 10% Student Scholarship 20% Natural Disaster Relief 5% Food Drive 5% Build a school in South America
  4. Project Causes Are Documented - Each project cause will be documented via video and pictures to give donors and the world a perspective on what's going on in our world and how donors are helping change not only the world but how people look at the world.
  5. Project Causes Are Shared via Social Media & Internet - High Quality photos and videos of the impact "The World Cares Organization" has will be shared with the world to show that people in this world do care. Time for the good things to go viral!
  6. Raising Awareness, Changing Lives, More Donations & People Join - By raising awareness people will be more conscious about world problems that can be fixed with a large community donating a small amount. Together we will change lives in 3 ways. Donators lives will change by seeing what their contributions to this non profit is doing for the world. The people effected by your contributions lives will change and people watching our content lives will change forever. 
  7. Repeat - Steps 1-6 shall repeat until the end of time.

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This is the first Non-Profit of it's kind. Let's do something that has never been done before. Show people today that "THE WORLD CARES"!!


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Together with a little, We can do a lot! Donate today

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