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About Us



The World Cares Organization Inc. is the first transparent organization built on trust and care of the world. We are changing how Non-Profit Organizations operate using social media, no pay roll all volunteers system and high quality content. 



Our mission is focused on changing lives around the world using social media and high quality content. There are people all over the world that want to help others but don't know how, don't have the time or just want to see donation results. All The World Cares Organization donations go directly to each project which will be voted on monthly by donors on Patreon. No one from "The World Cares Organization Inc." will be on salary. Every single helping hand will be a volunteer including the CEO. The average salary for CEO's running a Non- Profit is $118,000 a year. The World Cares Organization Inc. CEO makes $0.01 a year using all donations to extend as much resources as possible. Donors will be able to see where there donations are going with pictures and videos from every project. Together with a little, we can do a lot!




Building a social community giving back to people; creating content documenting stories around the world showing people care. The World Cares Organization Inc. will be based on communities around the world no matter age, size, race, color or ability. We will document and share every project experience with all donors via high quality videos, pictures, live streams, tweets and post via social media and website. All retweets, repost, shares, likes, views are encourage to bring awareness to our cause. Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, word-of-mouth or social media. Thank You